it's a
harsh world


The new generation of performance
materials from the experts at James Walker

Delivering versatile solutions, these materials have been formulated to meet the varied and evolving challenges of tomorrow, providing superior solutions for our customers operating in the harshest environments.

In addition to providing solutions for tomorrow’s challenges, the use of Vermilion® materials with existing tooling for both standard and custom seals and components will also offer immediate benefits of improved performance and increased operational safety margins in today’s oilfield operations.

The Vermilion® Range

Extending the performance
envelope of elastomer materials

This is a graphical overview of material performance characteristics.


Industry leading

As the Oil and Gas industry evolves, our materials technology evolves to stay ahead of the game.

Working in partnership with our customers to understand the challenges they face, we continue to set the standard from FR58/90 to Elast-O-Lion® and now Vermilion® – the next generation of performance materials.

Based on 50 years of expertise and innovation the versatile Vermilion® range offers superior performance where it matters most.

Our seal
of approval

Our approvals process is one of the most rigorous in our industry. It includes laboratory testing, field testing, benchmarking and third party witnessed validation to performance levels well in excess of accepted industry standards. This ensures that whilst we are extending the envelope of known elastomer performance, each material provides robust and reliable performance that can be relied upon, even in the harshest of environments.

It is our seal of approval.

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